Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Ask Maggie

Hanging out with Tommy and Xenie watching 'Hachi: A Dog's Tale' (the Japanese version, or course) while snacks are being preparedAsk Maggie has two purposes. One is the obvious, to help dogs deal with a clueless person in their life. I will answer any questions I get after the email is set up, hopefully very soon.

The second is to do updates on Alston Park and news about parties, play dates and any other general Little Rascal news. Speaking of which I got this from Kimi.

We didn't make it to Alston yesterday because it started raining as we left. We met Rocky there this morning (Monday). If you go there today you will notice a new sign Alston Lake Recreational Area, Water Skiing Not Permitted. I'm hoping it will drain so we won't have to change our name to Alston Lake Little Rascals. Cheers, Kimi

Thanks, Kimi, for the update. I walked in our local park as my entourage sauntered around the quarter mile walking path. I had to come back several times to hurry them up.

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