Friday, February 24, 2012

Small Dog Group Meetup

Hi Maggie,
I am just so excited about our trip to attend the Marin Little Dog Romp! I had so much fun with all the little guys and gals. It was like they had a welcoming committee because everyone treated us like they’ve known us for a long time. I’ve talked to the other Rascals, and they want to go next time and maybe even have a meet up here at Alston Park! What do you think?
Happy trails, Tommy

Tommy and I started to meet and greet as soon as we got there.Haldan Park at the Marin County Humane SocietyOn the third Saturday in February, Tommy and I went to meet some new dogs. It was a meetup at Haldan Park at the Marin County Humane Society that we found online. It was not very far away so we decided to go.

Click for directions to the park.Click for directions to the park.We had fun running and chasing with the other dogs.We had fun running and chasing with the other dogs.We turned in toward the main building but went right over a small bridge before parking. And there it was, a nice, compact area with only dogs of the right size. We jumped out and started to mingle and get to know all the new dogs. They were friendly and ready to play. We had a great time and were sad when it was time to go.

IreneIreneBella and BenitoBella and BenitoWe plan to go again next month. We will bring more of the Rascals. I know they will love to meet really great dogs like Bella, Benito and Irene.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Klamath Park, Napa, California

Klamath Park, Napa, California

Click for Google Map DirectionsClick for Google Map DirectionsSometimes I go to a park other than Alston. It might be to catch up on the tree-mail from other dogs or because my humans get all stressed when I get a little mud on my toes after the rain at Alston. From time to time I will check out a new park and post a review.

From west side facing south, just past basketball courtFrom west side facing south, just past basketball courtKlamath park is at Trower Avenue next to Highway 29. It is long and narrow with most of it well fenced and the Highway 29 side also lined with mature trees to block the noise. This is not a "dog park" and your human should be kept on a leash. However, if there are not too many people around and you are not worried about your support person running off, take him down to the 1/5 mile walking circle that goes around the most fenced part of the park and they will be fine while you run and play.

Park on Klamath Way. Bring your own plastic bags and a water bowl. There is a fountain but they made it the wrong height. There are benches and tables and even some grills if you are planning a picnic. A good place except summer weekends when people tend to use all the space.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rain day

Another note from Tommy.

Tommy and Xenie drying off and getting warm

I can’t wait to see you! (If it’s not raining!) I hate trudging around the neighborhood! It’s my Mom! She just can’t make up her mind. Sometime she’ll walk so slow, I could almost file my nails if I knew how, or else she pulls me away from some wonderful sniffing because she tells her friends, "I’ve gained weight, so I need to move faster." Her priorities are just wrong! Wrong! Wrong! She’s suppose to be taking ME, the dog for a walk so I can do MY business! Well, thanks for letting me ventilate Mag. Hope to see you soon I do love her very much!

I miss seeing you guys too. And now with Grandpa having a cold I have to hang around the house all day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Rascal Party/Lasgana Dinner for our parents

I got an email from Tommy.

Mark your calendars! We Little Rascals are getting together for "The Fun of it all". While we play, our parents will be discussing human emergency health care so they can help each other if it's ever needed.

Tommy and his wingmen, Charlie and Xenie - Party animals

Then they are going to learn CPR for dogs! I don’t know about you guys, but when that starts, I propose we all hide under Maggie's bed! Mom does not have a manikin and she will be looking for "volunteers".

Anyway, I think I’ll have fun in spite of it! Before the party it will help if our parents go to dog for a review. Come with questions. My mommy can answer some, and may know where to go to find out, if she does not know.

First and foremost, Mommy and I want to thank Maggie and her parents for opening their beautiful home to us, so we have lots of room to romp and play! Mommy and I are looking forward to seeing all you Rascals there!

That sounds like a great idea, Tommy. I love to have you guys over to play.