Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Rascal Party/Lasgana Dinner for our parents

I got an email from Tommy.

Mark your calendars! We Little Rascals are getting together for "The Fun of it all". While we play, our parents will be discussing human emergency health care so they can help each other if it's ever needed.

Tommy and his wingmen, Charlie and Xenie - Party animals

Then they are going to learn CPR for dogs! I don’t know about you guys, but when that starts, I propose we all hide under Maggie's bed! Mom does not have a manikin and she will be looking for "volunteers".

Anyway, I think I’ll have fun in spite of it! Before the party it will help if our parents go to dog for a review. Come with questions. My mommy can answer some, and may know where to go to find out, if she does not know.

First and foremost, Mommy and I want to thank Maggie and her parents for opening their beautiful home to us, so we have lots of room to romp and play! Mommy and I are looking forward to seeing all you Rascals there!

That sounds like a great idea, Tommy. I love to have you guys over to play.

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