Friday, February 10, 2012

Rain day

Another note from Tommy.

Tommy and Xenie drying off and getting warm

I can’t wait to see you! (If it’s not raining!) I hate trudging around the neighborhood! It’s my Mom! She just can’t make up her mind. Sometime she’ll walk so slow, I could almost file my nails if I knew how, or else she pulls me away from some wonderful sniffing because she tells her friends, "I’ve gained weight, so I need to move faster." Her priorities are just wrong! Wrong! Wrong! She’s suppose to be taking ME, the dog for a walk so I can do MY business! Well, thanks for letting me ventilate Mag. Hope to see you soon I do love her very much!

I miss seeing you guys too. And now with Grandpa having a cold I have to hang around the house all day.

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