Friday, February 24, 2012

Small Dog Group Meetup

Hi Maggie,
I am just so excited about our trip to attend the Marin Little Dog Romp! I had so much fun with all the little guys and gals. It was like they had a welcoming committee because everyone treated us like they’ve known us for a long time. I’ve talked to the other Rascals, and they want to go next time and maybe even have a meet up here at Alston Park! What do you think?
Happy trails, Tommy

Tommy and I started to meet and greet as soon as we got there.Haldan Park at the Marin County Humane SocietyOn the third Saturday in February, Tommy and I went to meet some new dogs. It was a meetup at Haldan Park at the Marin County Humane Society that we found online. It was not very far away so we decided to go.

Click for directions to the park.Click for directions to the park.We had fun running and chasing with the other dogs.We had fun running and chasing with the other dogs.We turned in toward the main building but went right over a small bridge before parking. And there it was, a nice, compact area with only dogs of the right size. We jumped out and started to mingle and get to know all the new dogs. They were friendly and ready to play. We had a great time and were sad when it was time to go.

IreneIreneBella and BenitoBella and BenitoWe plan to go again next month. We will bring more of the Rascals. I know they will love to meet really great dogs like Bella, Benito and Irene.

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