Friday, April 27, 2012

Gopher Activity

One of my favorite things at Alston Park is Gopher hunting. I smell and hear them all over the park all year, but right now they are especially active, repairing their tunnels after the rains.

When I see one I point, then start to creep up on it for the kill.

I am vewy, vewy quiet.

I have not actually caught one but that doesn't take away from the fun and excitement of the hunt.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jack and Jason

Jason and his guy Jack have been coming to Alson park for a long time. They do a lot to make the park nice. They keep the gate latches working and adjust drainage to help the trails dry quicker. Small but importants tasks like that.

Jason, the partiarch of Alston park and his guy Jack

Jason and Jack are moving to New Mexico to live with one of Jack's pups. Of course, this calls for a party!

Come to the Canine Commons on Monday, April 23th around 10:30am. Bring some pot-luck food for the people to share and t-bone steaks for the dogs.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lake Alston

We have had some late season rain but that seems to be over. There is still lots of water in low spots. As I was taking my morning walk the other day I saw several dogs in the largest of them, what we call 'Lake Alston'. They were having so much fun I had to go over to watch.

It's not deep, it barely comes up to my stomach!

Zeke, a Golden Retriever, came over to encourage me to join the fun. I was tempted but the closest to swimming that I do is when I get my footbath after a muddy day at the park.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Foxtail Season is Starting Soon

When I go for my morning walk I sometimes let my people get out of sight. I don't worry because they are so slow they can't get far. I look up once in awhile to check on them, but right now the grass is growing so tall that it blocks my view.

The grass is as high as a puppy dog's eye

Once the grass turns brown and is trampled or cut down I will be able to see across the park again. That won't be too long now. In the meantime I have to stand up tall to see what the people are up to.

The first of the foxtails are maturing and just starting to turn brown. Soon it will be impossible to avoid picking up a bunch of them in my fur. Through the summer I will have my people check me at the end of the walk and get them out, especially the ones between my toes. I hate it when I have foxtails between my toes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alston Park Smells

This morning I found a spot in the grass that had been rolled on by several other dogs. When I investigated I could see why they did it. What a wonderful smell! I just wanted to get it all over me.

What a wonderful smell!

I will sometimes find some scent I want to take with me, but today was exceptional. I blissfully rolled back and forth with my eyes closed. It was great!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ducks at Alston Park

In the morning I go up the hill at Alston Park and have my people walk the one of the loops while I stretch my legs and look for gophers. For the second trip of the day, I go into the Canine Commons to meet and greet the afternoon crowd and catch up on the news.

Yesterday I was early for the second trip and nobody was around, so I went walking on one of the shorter trails. I was surprised to find a lake where the trail shound have been. On the lake was a pair of ducks.

After I sized up the situation, I chased the ducks. I don't think they were really scared since they only flew a few feet away from the trail. I didn't keep after them since they had left the the trail and I still had the problem of getting people across the water. They hate getting their feet wet.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shetler Park, Napa, California

Shetler Park, Napa, California

Shetler Park has two parts, a people side and a dog side. The dog entrance is on Shetler Ave just east of Phillips School.

It is a long park, going more than three blocks. It includes both grass and woods and has a creek that never gets completely dry. There is good fencing along most of it with one place where I can get into the other half of the park. I like to go in to see what is going on there but don't stay long because it stresses my people.

Click for Google Map DirectionsThe park has plastic bags and a dog level fountain near the entrance. I enjoy this park, but it is not used by very many dogs so I have to make my own fun. I prefer to run with my pack so I go to Alston Park, even if it is farther from where I live.