Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ducks at Alston Park

In the morning I go up the hill at Alston Park and have my people walk the one of the loops while I stretch my legs and look for gophers. For the second trip of the day, I go into the Canine Commons to meet and greet the afternoon crowd and catch up on the news.

Yesterday I was early for the second trip and nobody was around, so I went walking on one of the shorter trails. I was surprised to find a lake where the trail shound have been. On the lake was a pair of ducks.

After I sized up the situation, I chased the ducks. I don't think they were really scared since they only flew a few feet away from the trail. I didn't keep after them since they had left the the trail and I still had the problem of getting people across the water. They hate getting their feet wet.

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