Sunday, April 15, 2012

Foxtail Season is Starting Soon

When I go for my morning walk I sometimes let my people get out of sight. I don't worry because they are so slow they can't get far. I look up once in awhile to check on them, but right now the grass is growing so tall that it blocks my view.

The grass is as high as a puppy dog's eye

Once the grass turns brown and is trampled or cut down I will be able to see across the park again. That won't be too long now. In the meantime I have to stand up tall to see what the people are up to.

The first of the foxtails are maturing and just starting to turn brown. Soon it will be impossible to avoid picking up a bunch of them in my fur. Through the summer I will have my people check me at the end of the walk and get them out, especially the ones between my toes. I hate it when I have foxtails between my toes.

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