Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shetler Park, Napa, California

Shetler Park, Napa, California

Shetler Park has two parts, a people side and a dog side. The dog entrance is on Shetler Ave just east of Phillips School.

It is a long park, going more than three blocks. It includes both grass and woods and has a creek that never gets completely dry. There is good fencing along most of it with one place where I can get into the other half of the park. I like to go in to see what is going on there but don't stay long because it stresses my people.

Click for Google Map DirectionsThe park has plastic bags and a dog level fountain near the entrance. I enjoy this park, but it is not used by very many dogs so I have to make my own fun. I prefer to run with my pack so I go to Alston Park, even if it is farther from where I live.

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