Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Foxy in the Park

Gabe, Serhsa and I have been taking our morning walk at various parks while we wait for the foxtails to be gone at Alston Park. From time to time we meet other Alston dogs who are doing the same thing. Today we met Foxy.

Foxy joins the boys and me for a snack before continuing his walkFoxy is a dog who we see from time to time but don't get a chance to chat with. I'm glad we met today because he is a very pleasant older gentleman. He even has his own blog, "My Leash on Life".

Foxy joined us for a quick snack before he continued his walk. Now that I have read his blog I see that he is very wise in the ways of humans. We shall have much to talk about when we meet again.

Friday, June 8, 2012


The foxtails are very bad this year. Xenie and Gabe have both had them in their noses and I had to go to the vet twice in 10 days.

My second trip was from one I picked up at the Oxbow Preserve that I thought was going to be safer than Alston. Both times foxtails were touching my eardrum and it was so painful that I cried and was shaking.

Maggie, recovering from traumatic doctor visit

The didn't drug me but it took two assistants to hold me down while the doctor removed the foxtail. I didn't know exactly what they wanted to do and I was so scared that I made a mess on the table.

It was very embarrassing!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Before meeting Simon I had never known a dog who had been to San Quentin Prison. I thought he might be a rough character, but he is a sweetheart who gets along well with everybody. He is smart and so handsome and dogly.

Simon had a rough start in life. He was an abandoned puppy in Northern California. There was nobody who wanted to adopt him so he came to the Marin Humane Society and then on to San Quentin for training. After completing the program with flying colors he was adopted and now lives here in Napa.

Did I mention how handsome he is?! *woof*woof*