Monday, June 4, 2012


Before meeting Simon I had never known a dog who had been to San Quentin Prison. I thought he might be a rough character, but he is a sweetheart who gets along well with everybody. He is smart and so handsome and dogly.

Simon had a rough start in life. He was an abandoned puppy in Northern California. There was nobody who wanted to adopt him so he came to the Marin Humane Society and then on to San Quentin for training. After completing the program with flying colors he was adopted and now lives here in Napa.

Did I mention how handsome he is?! *woof*woof*

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  1. Gabe and Sersha, our unanimous in how handsome and friendly Simon is. "I think he's noticed our Dad with treats as he has a jacuzzi." Lol *WOOF* back.