Monday, August 20, 2012

Marin Little Dog Romp

On Saturday Xenie and I went to the Marin Little Dog Romp at Haldan Park in Navato, California. Tommy and I went once before and had a great time so I was excited to let Xenie in on the fun.

Tornado lived up to his name and he led Hannah, Xenie and Maggie on a chaseIf anything it was even more fun than last time! We met some great dogs and chased and played the whole time.

Hannah and I chatted while her companion Sandy gave me a nice butt scratchMolly, a friendly Tibetian TerrierRight away I met Hannah and her companion Sandy. We sat on the bench and chatted and did a little mouth play. At the same time, Xenie was getting to know Molly and the other dogs who were there.

Bowie was charming and fun to be with.Bowie was charming and fun to be with.That's me in a rough-and-tumble with Xenie and BowieWe had fun running and chasing with the other dogs.When Bowie arrived he caught everyone's attention right away. Xenie and I could tell that he was ready to play, so we didn't waste any time getting acquainted. Then we played for such a long time. It was really great!

We plan to come again soon. I hope more of the rascals can come, it is not all that far away. I know they will love to meet really great dogs like Hannah, Molly, Tornado and Bowie.

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