Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cats in the Park

I give this cat plenty of room as I walk past.Cats are usually fun. Most of the time they run when I chase them, but not always.

When I see a cat in one of the parks where I walk, I don't chase right away. I stand at attention and kick the grass so they know I am serious. If they don't move, I bark a couple of times to get their attention and move forward. When they run, I go after them. It is great fun even though I almost never catch them.

This is a cat I caught once. But he turned around and hit me with a claw.

This cat thinks he owns this part of the park.

Then it chassed ME! AND caught me. I had to run behind my human before it stopped. Thank goodness there is no video of that since it would be very embarrassing if Gabe and the rest of the pack saw it.

Now when I see him, I give him plenty of room as I walk past.

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